Microlight Aero Team

The Team

The Microlight Aero Team (MAT) was founded in 1990 by Jac Gootjes, former vicechairman of the MLA department of the Royal Dutch Aviation Association.
The team is proud to be the first and only MLA demonstration team in the world. The team has at its disposal, eight aircraft, which are stationed at "Kempen Airport" (EHBD) in The Netherlands.
Before MAT started to give demonstrations, the team members followed an intensive training programme. All pilots and aircraft satisfy the strict conditions as laid down by the government's Aviation Organization. This organization also officially qualified the team to give demonstrations during air shows. All pilots have flown more than 1000 hours in microlights, 500 hours of which, were in formation flying.
Given the low weight and airspeed range of Microlight aircraft, flying in formation is a very intensive and complex task. Several team members are former Dutch champions in Microlight flying and some have even participated in the world championships.
All pilots are amateurs and have busy jobs besides their flying hobby. pilots
The summer period is best suited for Microlight flying. The wintertime is mostly used for aircraft maintenance and to prepare the flying programme for the next season.
A ground crew supports the team both during demonstrations, as well as travelling to and from flying events.

Recently the team added 3 new aircraft to their fleet, these QuikR trikes are manufactured by P&M aviation in the UK, The QuikR is the fastest trike in the world with a cruise speed up to 100 Mph (160 Km/h) and a maximum speed of 125 Mph (200 Km/h).

Together with these new machines we became an official dealer for The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark of the complete aircraft range of P&M Aviation (one of the worlds largest microlight aircraft manufacturers and suppliers with over 4000 aircraft flying since 1983). The Microlight Aero Team, not only worlds first and only flexwing displayteam, but also your partner for; QuikR - Quik GT450 - Quik - CTSW - Ace Aviation Magic Lase - Blade - Quantum - Spares and Accessoiries. "Enjoy the sheer excitement and freedom of flight!"

The Microlight Aero Team is the first and only MLA display team in the world!

We can operate from a grass strip of 300 by 50 meters (with the proper permissions from the authorities of course). Taxiing, maneuvering and parking can be watched by the public at close range. Over the years, we have won a lot of prizes for the unique display program we show to the public.

If you hire us for a whole day, we can fly several displays for you and your guests. Our flying speed is low, therefore stickers with text and logos can be read easily. Our wing area is 11,43 square meters for promotion purposes!

Microlight aircraft in formation is an impressive spectacle that draws a lot of attention, especially when we fly around your city or village.

You can contract us for a special occasion. In the past we participated in:

* Special event like sport competitions, open days, festivities
* Openings of companies and shows
* Weddings
* Receptions
* Air shows (Open days of the Dutch Air force, ILA in Berlin, LIMA in Malaysia)
* Promotion days for sponsors and customers, special flying trips

If you are interested and want more information, you can reach us at the address mentioned on this page or send an e-mail to info@matteam.com.

The pilots of the Microlight Aero team thank you for your interest!

Microlight Aero Team - Baronielaan 242 - 4837 BG - BREDA - The Netherlands - info@matteam.com - Tel. +31 76 5651513 - Fax. +31 76 5613709
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